Lesson Pl Reflection On Mathematics Essay

Lesson Pl Reflection On Mathematics Essay

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Solano-Lesson Plan 2 Reflection
When I was in high school, I struggled with geometry proofs. So, when my mentor told me which lesson she wanted me to teach, I got excited. I wanted to make sure that the students knew how to write a proof so that they would feel confident in geometry. I remembered how I wanted my high school teachers to break down every part of this lesson, so that I would understand it. Since they didn’t, I used to hate going to geometry because I would always feel like a failure. I wanted to change that for them. When giving the lesson, I felt that I was able to emphasize every important part of the lesson, even though some challenges occurred along the way.
There were a few parts of this lesson plan that I felt worked well. Although only two classes used their laptops for this lesson, I felt that having the instructions written on the board helped to speed thing up a little. By the time the bell rang, the students were already working on their warm up. There was no time wasted on trying to get the students to settle down. I also felt that the type of questions I asked helped lead the students in the right direction. When planning the lesson, my mentor told me that the students have a difficult time understanding the difference between the AAS theorem and the ASA theorem. Since I knew the students had issues with this, I made sure to ask the students many questions that dealt with this area. I also made sure to constantly go over the differences.
In this lesson, I ran across a few challenges. The first challenge I faced dealt with the warm-up. During the first period that I taught the lesson, the students were unable to open the link they needed to do the warm-up. Most of the students were unable to open the li...

... middle of paper ...

...out. I would also make sure to work out some difficult problems so that it could help the students break down problems in even more detail. Overall I really enjoyed teaching this lesson. Just on this one lesson, I gained a lot of experience that will come in hand in the future.
The UHCL standard that best aligns with this assignment was standard 3.4 and 3.5. this assignment connected to this standard because it dealt with designing instruction. This whole assignment was about writing a lesson plan and being able to execute it in the classroom. To do this, I had to make sure to design the lesson in a way that would keep all the students engaged. When planning the lesson, I also had to plan how I was going to assess the students. I had to think of different ways that I could assess the class and each student individually. Planning assessment dealt with standard 3.5.

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