Lesson Pacing Is A Important Aspect Of Teaching As Well As Student Learning

Lesson Pacing Is A Important Aspect Of Teaching As Well As Student Learning

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Lesson pacing is a very important aspect of teaching as well as student learning. Lesson pacing is just as it sounds, the rate of speed at which a lesson moves along and can be adjusted to a rate at which student learn best. Lesson pacing is extremely important because it is one of many aspects in which influences the successfulness of students. Lesson pacing is needed in a classroom because it allows the teacher to keep kids motivated and engaged. For example, a teacher can speed up or slow down a lesson so that it garners and maintains student engagement. The more that students are engaged in a lesson, the higher the likelihood that they will learn and remember the content of that lesson. Teachers often feel that the more they talk and demonstrate the better off their students will be when learning a lesson. According to Jim Knight, a great way to directly instruct students as well as move a lesson along so students can demonstrate the newly learned material on their own is through a process called “I do it, we do it, you do it” (Knight, n.d.). According to Knight, if a teacher structures a lesson this way the pace can be easily adjusted to accommodate the learning style of any classroom, resulting in a successful lesson.
Another reason why lesson pacing is needed in the classroom is because it allows the teacher to effectively manage a classroom. When a lesson moves along and students stay on task, the less likely the teacher will have to deal with interruptions and misbehaviors. If students feel like a lesson is moving to slow, they may lose interest and their attention will be diverted to something that results in misbehavior. However, if a lesson moves too fast, the same can be said because students feel that a lesson that...

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...plex concept for his English language learners and decides to break this rather large lesson into several smaller units. These smaller units can then be taught at a slower pace to ensure that the students will understand the material presented. In a classroom with ELL students, the complexity of a lesson can be determined by testing student comprehension, just because a lesson may be more complex does not mean that pace needs to be adjusted for English learners to benefit. Similar to teaching a classroom without ELL students, lesson pacing must always be determined by student understanding.
The complexity of a lesson in a classroom with English language learners may affect the pacing of that lesson. As a teacher, it is important to determine student understanding to determine what needs to be done to make sure all students are successful when learning new material.

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