The Lesson I Planned For The Original Lesson Essay

The Lesson I Planned For The Original Lesson Essay

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For the original lesson I planned and prepared to be successful, I had to quickly adjust and adapt to unforeseen circumstances that was beyond my control. This lesson should have been the second lesson to a series of lessons pertaining to magnets. However, due to school cancelations and delays because of inclement weather this lesson had to be adjusted to incorporate the complete introductions of magnets to this second grade class. Before delving into this particular lesson, students were introduced to magnets by conducting a scavenger hunt around the classroom to search for items that were magnetic and for items that were not magnetic. Each student was given a magnet to use to explore the room. After the scavenger hunt was concluded, students returned to their seats and a class discussion took place regarding magnetic and non-magnetic items. The students began to question why some types of metals were magnetic but other types were not. For example, the metal legs of the student desks were magnetic. However, the metal handles on the cabinets were not. Students concluded that items that were not made out of metal were not magnetic and that some but not all metal items were magnetic.
After formally introducing students to magnets, I began the lesson that was originally planned. This lesson was a whole class instruction that incorporated group work to investigate what type of items are magnetic and not magnetic, as well as the reaction magnets have when they are in close proximity to other magnets. More specifically the ability to make objects move without physically touching them. This information will lead into how magnets attract and repel. This was an inquiry-based lesson; therefore, students were performing exp...

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...early able to categorize items into magnetic or nonmagnetic categories. They also had an idea of which type of materials were magnetic and which types of materials were not magnetic. I determined that students successful understood the first objective through the class discussions and through their data collection sheet I collected at the end of the lesson. Students successful placed a circle around items that were magnetic and placed an X over items that were not magnetic. All students received 100% accuracy for this objective.
To ensure that students meet both of my objectives for this lesson the next time it is taught, I will need to make sure there is enough time allotted for the entire lesson or make this lesson a series of two lessons. Without having enough time to complete the entire lesson, it was impossible for the students to meet both objectives.

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