Essay on The Lesson, And Tan 's Two Kinds

Essay on The Lesson, And Tan 's Two Kinds

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In Bambara’s story “The Lesson” and Tan’s “Two Kinds,” there is evidence of transformation, conflict, and character. In “The Lesson,” the characters are rough and resilient as opposed to in the story “Two Kinds,” the characters are more emotional or even sensitive. Both stories revolve around major conflicts throughout. In “Two Kinds,” Jing Mei is facing a person vs. self conflict, being conflicted with her mother, who wants the best for her, but pushes a little too hard for what Jing Mei can handle causing Jing Mei a lot of distress. However, in “The Lesson,” there is a person vs. society conflict, because there is a struggle with prejudice within social classes that needs to be addressed and recognized. The transformation in “Two Kinds,” is the maturing of Jing Mei into womanhood, where she and her mother recognize each other’s motives behind their words and actions. In “The Lesson” the transformation is Miss. Moore trying to guide the kids in the correct direction by showing them that doing positive acts will lead to a positive return.
In Tan’s “Two Kinds,” the transformation represented in the story is of Jing Mei coming into womanhood, and how Jing Mei and her mother’s relationship transforms along with it. Jing Mei is constantly pressured by her mother to be something she is not, and to be the greatest at anything she pursues, such as playing the piano. However, Jing Mei’s mother only wants the best for her daughter, but doesn’t quite realize how much distress and frustration it’s causing her daughter. Jing Mei responds very negatively to the pressure from her mother. Sometimes even purposely messing up to get her mother to stop influencing her to do the things she doesn’t enjoy doing, which doesn’t seem to work. Towards th...

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...s the protagonist of the story, is often sassy and resists the educational overtures of Miss. Moore. However, when we take a look at Sylvia’s limited and not so reliable point of view we realize that Miss. Moore is actually on their side, and is trying to raise their awareness and let them be able to recognize the social inequality in America.

In conclusion, both of these stories contain elements of character, conflict, and transformation. The way they experience each of these elements is completely opposite of each other, yet they are very similar in the way that they are prejudiced against by others, which is a major conflict that is emphasized in both stories by the narrators. However, in both stories the conflicts are resolved by the characters finally coming to an understanding of the people and the world around them, thus making them better people themselves.

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