Leonhard Euler, a Brief Biography Essay

Leonhard Euler, a Brief Biography Essay

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Math is everywhere, and is used in many daily activities. It took many people many years to develop the maths that we use today. Mathematicians are some of the most important people in the world, because they have developed theorems that have progressed humanity, and ultimately helped to develop the world into what it is today. Leonhard Euler is a prominent mathematician with many incredible contributions to the world of mathematics and more. His contributions are so widely used that math would not be the same without them.
Leonhard Euler was born on April 15, 1707 to pastor, Paul Euler, and grew up with two younger sisters in Basel, Switzerland. By the time he was thirteen years old, Euler had already begun attending lectures at Basel University, and graduated in 1723 with his master’s degree. Euler’s father urged him to further his education by studying theology. Euler complied, but insisted on spending all of his free time studying mathematics. Euler’s teacher, Johann Bernoulli, was very impressed with the articles Euler wrote on reverse trajectory and valued him as a student. By 1727, under Bernoulli’s urging, Euler applied to join the Saint Petersburg Academy of Sciences, but due to financial instability at the academy, Euler decided to join the Russian Navy for three years to assure regular income. After a few years, Euler’s financial situation had increased, and he was able to marry Katharina Gsell and have fifteen children with her. Unfortunately, only three boys and two girls survived. In 1741, Euler worked in the Berlin Academy of Sciences, as head of the Berlin Observatory, while he also tutored the nieces of King Frederich II of Prussia. No matter his age, Leonhard Euler was always very interested in the world of math...

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