Leonardo Fibonacci Of The Marble Statue Of Pisa Essay

Leonardo Fibonacci Of The Marble Statue Of Pisa Essay

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Leonardo Fibonacci
When thinking of Pisa, Italy, one of the first things that comes to mind is the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The Leaning Tower of Pisa is known worldwide for gradually increasing its vertical offset over the hundreds of years it has been standing. The Leaning Tower is just one of many historical landmarks and striking artworks in Pisa, Italy; however no one would think of a marble sculpture of Leonardo Fibonacci by Giovanni Paganucci when thinking of Pisa (Long 4). The marble statue of Leonardo is located in the Camposanto in Pisa and was finished by Paganucci in 1863 (Long 4). Leonardo Fibonacci is known by most people for the Fibonacci sequence. Besides fact that Leonardo was a mathematician, most people do not know much more about him.
Leonardo Fibonacci (son of Bonacci) was born in 1170 in Pisa, Italy (Aczel 66). He was born into a wealthy family, as his father, Gulielmus, was a merchant and trader (Aczel 66). Like most other families of the time, Leonardo and his family probably lived in a tower (Gies 9). As the son of the merchant, Leonardo was able to go to public school; he would have learned about geometry, arithmetic, astronomy, music, rhetoric, logic, and grammar (Gies 22). These were also known as the seven liberal arts (Gies 22). Leonardo would have been taught Latin in school as well, though Italian was the native language (Gies 23). While Leonardo was still in school his father, who had gone to Bugia, North Africa to work as a head of a warehouse (King 33), sent for his son (Gies 35). Leonardo made the long trip over the Mediterranean to join his father and continue his education in the flourishing Muslim city of Bugia.
Leonardo and his father probably lived in the Italian quarter of Bugia (Gies ...

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...s known about his mother, if he had siblings, or whether he ever married. Even his name is inconsistent. Other names of his are Leonard instead of Leonardo, Leonardo the Pisan and Leonardo Bigollo (Gies Preface).
Even though little is known about Leonardo’s personal life, it is known that he was a great mathematician of the Middle Ages. For most of his life he lived in Pisa, Italy and worked on mathematics, with the Fibonacci sequence being his most known work. Besides the Fibonacci sequence Leonardo contributed much more to mathematics, and the Liber Quadratorum is known to be the book that shows his brilliance. Unlike most mathematicians, Leonardo had a relationship with the emperor of the time. Though little else is known about his life, the imprint he left on mathematics remains today, as new applications of the Fibonacci sequence are still being found.

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