Leonardo Di Ser Piero Da Vinci and The Mona Lisa Essay

Leonardo Di Ser Piero Da Vinci and The Mona Lisa Essay

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Leonardo di ser Piero Da Vinci (April 15, 1452 – May 2, 1519), is almost the greatest geniuses in history ever since God made human beings. How to explain that, he was a painter, sculptor, musician, mathematician, engineer, architect, anatomist, geologist, botanist, and writer. The most incredible thing is he showed interest and explored all of the aspects and his grand achievement influenced the history of human beings and even nowadays. With all the fabulous crowns he wore on, he was famous as a painter.
Leonardo Da vinci was born in a well-off family in Florence in Italy as His father was Messer Piero Fruosino di Antonio da Vinci, a rich notary. He showed great talent and intelligence since he was in childhood. He was a good singer and played flute for neighborhoods well. Also, he painted very beautifully unlike kids in his ages.
When Leonardo was 14, he was trained in Florence as a painter and sculptor in the workshop of Andrea Del Verrocchio. Among all of his surroundings, it was definitely his enlighten teacher who affected him most not only on the style of art, but also the personality that followed his entire life. At the age of twenty, Leonardo Da Vinci became a real master to start his own art career, and life as a painter. Leonardo's curiosity for knowledge never left him. He was constantly observing, experimenting, and drawing, it was a tool for recording his investigation of nature. Although completed works by Leonardo are few, he left large amount of uncompleted drawings bearing his ideas in the notebooks. He had lived in Florence (1472–ca. 1482, 1500–1508) and Milan (ca. 1482–99, 1508–13), spent the last few years of his life in Rome (1513–16) and France (1516/17–1519), where he died. His spirit as an artist a...

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... emperor of France by using a large amount of money. It must be something of great valve itself to be treasured and it also marked the great beginning of a new ideology of that time. The progresses of using material, projective geometry, using of anatomy... as I reason I chose it.
As a symbol of beauty, I would like to change her into breasts, or ps a fully muscle hand on her. I want to express opposite meaning of her,as a weak and beautiful woman. I have to do it in a different way because there were many people have done it before in many fabulous way. It has to be a piece that makes people bright at their first eye.


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