Leonardo Da Vinci : The Italian Renaissance Essay

Leonardo Da Vinci : The Italian Renaissance Essay

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Leonardo da Vinci: The Italian Renaissance man
The Italian Renaissance was a crucial part in European history due to the changes of the economy, conceptions of the landscape, etc. There were also many people who helped build the importance of the Italian Renaissance which one in particular was a brilliant man named Leonardo da Vinci. He was highly considered to be one of the greatest painters of Europe, but many fail to realize that his field of talent stretched far beyond his artwork. Leonardo da Vinci was a multitalented individual during his time in the Italian Renaissance and worked in many fields including architecture, botany, mathematics, engineering, astronomy, and numerous others. Leonardo Da Vinci could be regarded as the most important contributor to the Italian Renaissance, and most people would agree. Although some may argue that Michelangelo was the best contributor, it all comes down to who provided the most influence in the advancements of technology during the Italian Renaissance which was essentially, Leonardo da Vinci due to his discoveries made in many fields including medicine, astronomy, anatomy, hydraulics, etc.
One of Leonardo da Vinci’s greatest contributions to the Italian Renaissance was his inventions. His findings have and still are argued to be some of the most outstanding discoveries in human history, but most people feel they were too advanced for him during the time that he lived. For example, one of his most famous inventions was a flying device. Leonardo described this invention as, “A bird instrument working according to mathematical law, which instrument it is within the capacity of man to reproduce with all its movements, but not with a corresponding degree of strength, though it is deficie...

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...ed off of his ideas. Leonardo is not given as much credit as he deserves for all of the long research and discoveries he made that helped people later on with their inventions. It is with certainty to say that Leonardo’s inventions, artwork, and other talents he had, helped build the importance of the Italian Renaissance to a greater status than it was before his works. Da Vinci was a well rounded individual who shared his ideas with the world and ended up helping and influencing many people in make discoveries to advance the technology that was available to them that wasn’t during his time. Michelangelo was also a beneficial man during the Italian Renaissance, but did not prove to be as influential as Leonardo in the fact that he did not contribute to many fields of works, and he did not really make any discoveries that helped mankind or advance technology in a way.

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