Essay about Leonardo Da Vinci 's Genius Mind

Essay about Leonardo Da Vinci 's Genius Mind

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Marissa Wolff
Dr. Levin
World History
4 December 2014
Artist, Scientist, Genius
The Mona Lisa painting is known as one of the most iconic pieces of art in the entire world; exemplifying a clear demonstration of Leonardo Da Vinci 's genius mind. Yet, the high contributions that Da Vinci contributed to other studies are commonly overlooked. There is no doubt Leonardo Da Vinci is a highly acclaimed Renaissance artist. However, he was also a very knowledgeable person who excelled at making new discoveries and ideas in the scientific field. Throughout his life, he was able to succeed as an artist, while also becoming a revolutionary scientists. Some of his studies included work with anatomy, motion, combining art and science, and sculpting or painting very successful works like the Vitruvian man.
Leonardo had an addiction; he couldn’t stop learning once he started. At the young age of seventeen, Da Vinci started to combine science into his painting. Most of his early works were based on his surroundings that commonly drew to nature that inspired his actions (Science, “Leonardo Da Vinci”). A key aspect to Da Vinci’s vast success was the trial and error method when experimenting; primarily dealing with the human body. At the time, scientific knowledge was almost solely based on previous ideas, or agreed alongside the bible. Leonardo was able to break the usual mold by experimenting to discover new concepts, and was never afraid to fail. Due to his new methods and willingness to challenge the Catholic church if necessary, Leonardo Da Vinci’s work should be classified as highly revolutionary for the time. Despite all his efforts, much of his findings were inaccurate because he didn’t have correct math formulas to perform the experiments...

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...mply a genius of his generation.

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