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due to the result of a variety of conservation treatments the painting has undergone (Wikipedia). A detailed analysis in 1933 by Madame de Girondo revealed that earlier restorers had “acted with a great deal of restraint” (Wikipedia). Nevertheless, applications of varnish darkened it by the end of the 16th century, and an aggressive cleaning and varnishing, in 1809, removed some of the uppermost portion of the paint layer, resulting in a washed-out appearance to the face of the figure (Wikipedia). Despite the treatments, the Mona Lisa has been well cared for throughout its history, and although the panel’s warping caused the curators some worry, the 2004-05 conservation team was optimistic about the future of the work (Wikipedia).
In the 1500’s he also completed the painting of the Virgin and Child with St. Anne and a self-portrait of himself. Da Vinci’s self-portrait was drawn in 1512 using red chalk, when he was living in France (see fig. 3). It has been remarked that da Vinci looks older than his age, however this portrait perfectly fits the role in which da Vinci cast’s himself, a venerable old man with a long beard, severe eyes shaded under bushy brows. It is now held in the magnificent collection of the Biblioteca Reale in Turin.
The Inventions of da Vinci
Da Vinci’s curiosity and interest in scientific observation began with his uncle, Francesco. He also took after his Grandfather by keeping journals, in which he recorded everything (Wikipedia). He had no formal education to teach him, meaning he was a pure genius. He invented things that were so far ahead of their time, that they would not be reinvented for up to four hundred or sometimes almost five hundred years later. Da Vinci invented many major inventions, some bein...

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