Lennie and George Relationship in Steinbeck's Novel Essay

Lennie and George Relationship in Steinbeck's Novel Essay

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In this chapter of the novel, Steinbeck uses a lot of visual elements, strong dialect,

symbolism, tone and theme. Much of these elements are shown right from the beginning of

the chapter when the two men, Lennie and George arrive at the bunk house. Right from the

first sentence, the tone and imagery is already set off by introducing the “walls [being]

whitewashed and the floor unpainted.(p17)” In addition, he also introduces the bunks, also

re-enforcing the tone since the bunks are described as “…burlap sack of straw that was a

mattress.(p18)” At this point, George is realizing that not only does he have challenges by

dealing with George, but he also has to live in this environment where things are not

comfortable, but also may be infested with lice.

In this chapter, Steinbeck has referred Lennie to small, and George to Milton when the

boss asked them their names. This is a clever way Steinbeck has used to further develop and re-

enforce the personalities of Lennie and George. It also could be a form of foreshadowing for

later on, when t...

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