Essay about Leisure Activities Among Older Germans

Essay about Leisure Activities Among Older Germans

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Boggatz, T. (2011). Leisure activities among older germans-a qualitative study. International Journal of Older People Nurses, 8, 174-185.
Boggatz set out to explore the leisure attitudes of older adults in Germany and to determine what their perception of their leisure needs was. Boggatz did an ethnographical study which involved him observing older adults while they participated in leisure programs, and then having in-depth interviews about their experiences. He then evaluated their participation and engagement in the programs they attended. What Boggatz found were older adults preferred leisure programs that either offered a social engagement aspect or if they offered a program based on the past leisure interests of the participants. Participants wanted to participate in their previous hobbies and appreciated if they were offered even at an adapted level. This is important to understanding the satisfaction of leisure choices for seniors, as leisure professionals should understand what their participants want in order to create a positive leisure experience and quality of life. Boggatz study although ethnographical in nature did not include his own reflections on the experience, which could have added more insight to what went on during his study.
Doyle, J., & Singleton, J. (1999). Leisure behaviour process and institutionalized persons with organic dementia. World Leisure and Recreation, 42(1), 18-24.
Doyle and Singleton set out to examine if people with dementia can successfully participate in leisure programs with those who do not have dementia. The study was a qualitative study and involved the researchers observing and recording participants with dementia participate in leisure activities with...

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...are. What they found was residents who participated in community outreach leisure programs were better satisfied with their leisure participation and described many benefits to participating in these leisure programs. Firstly they were able to be more physically active and feel better psychological well-being. Although their study proved that participation in community leisure is great for those in long-term care, there is still room to adapt these programs for those who may not be able to leave the facility, a study on all residents who have various disabilities may have given a more holistic view about the leisure satisfaction of the residents. Also, although in-depth interviews are a great way to gauge what the residents are feeling, observation of residents who cannot express how they are feeling would have given a better idea of what is going on in the facility.

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