The Lego Movie 1984 Analysis Essay

The Lego Movie 1984 Analysis Essay

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George Orwell's 1984 and The Lego Movie, are two texts which develop the theme that if one desires to obtain control one feels the need to alter feelings, capabilities and even the world seen in reality, which can result in a artificial society lacking the presence of human nature. In 1984 the Party of Oceania and the antagonist, President Business in The Lego Movie portray similar characteristics and goals which connect to the theme. In 1984 the ideology of thoughtcrime and the cotton swab in The Lego Movie portrays similar meanings which connect to the theme. In both the pieces of literature, there are totalitarian controlled communities. They are both controlled by hierarchies who's only determination is perfection and complete control over their society. In 1984, the Big Brother and the Party have total control over their society by asking the citizens to perfect the ideology of thought crime. They have the perfect vision of a society where people only love and worship the Party. In the Lego Movie, President Business wants to have a perfect society who only follows the rules given to them by him; if what he wills is not fulfilled he uses a cotton swab to perfect the blemish which would make his society perfect. In this society there are TVs everywhere displaying propaganda and there is also a 24/7 surveillance system. The two hierarchies illusion of a perfect society to obtain control, requires the loss of human nature and human creativity. This consequently involves the sacrifice of freedom of thought, speech and the expression of emotions . To begin with, the Party of Oceania in 1984 creates the illusion of reality to control the citizens in Oceania. The Party of Oceania means well for their citizens; their main ...

... middle of paper ... President Business in The Lego Movie and the Party of Oceania in 1984, have similar characteristics' which portray the theme displays by both pieces of literature. The ideology of thoughtcrime in 1984 and the cotton swab in The Lego Movie, symbolize the theme developed in the two texts. The illusion of perfection which is desired by the hierarchies to obtain control, is what covers natural human behaviour resulting in a artificial society. The idea of a perfect society is what drives the leaders to take drastic measures and to underestimate the consequences of their actions and control can do to their society.

Work Cited:
The Lego Movie. Dir. Chris Miller, Phil Lord. Warner Bros, 2014, film. Orwell, George. 1984. Ed. Erich Fromm. New York: Harcourt, 1949. (for the citation and character names)

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