Legislators Must Satisfy Both Constituents’ and Partisan’s Interests Essay

Legislators Must Satisfy Both Constituents’ and Partisan’s Interests Essay

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The Constitution of California expects legislators, which includes both State’s senate and House of Representatives, to influence agency decision making, to build political support for increases or decreases in agency funding to lay the political foundation for new programs and policies, and to capture media attention and enhance the power of the California State Congress members. However, not all legislators are able to fulfill their duties and comply with the state’s expectations. Indeed, their efficacy to serve California varies on the length of their experience, familiarity to government system, and commitment to public service. Evaluating their performances for the past ten years, legislators can be distinguished by their competence and efficiency. In this paper, I argue that to be an outstanding legislator, it is necessary for politicians to satisfy both constituents’ and partisan’s interests, and to have strong ability to facilitate bargaining and compromise within the state congress.
Members of the California State Legislature spend most of their time politically cultivating their districts and the state as they do legislating. To increase efficiency, most legislators direct their attention towards their home constituents. In the book titled Politics In America, Thomas Dye and Bartholomew Sparrow call this legislative tactic as “home style,” which is defined as legislator’s activities that primarily focuses at the constituents’ problems and interests. I believe that creating relationship with district constituents is the most essential factor to become a competent legislator. For instance, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi has improved San Francisco for 25 years and consistently satisfying the needs of her constituents. In C...

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...terests. Indeed, leadership positions and seniority are strong predictors of legislative activity and bill success.
In conclusion, some politicians fail to become effective member of the legislature due to the variance of experiences, position, partisanship, and relationship with its constituents. It may take time to accumulate experiences especially now that California has declared to be a termed-limit state. However, this should not be a hindrance to future lawmakers. As long as they have strong conviction to public service and build strong connections with their respective constituents, I believe that this will lead them to become a successful legislature. There is not exact formula to become an effective leader, but there is an easier way to increase the efficiency, which is to become passionate in political education and the method of learning by-doing.

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