Essay about The Legislative Branch Of Government

Essay about The Legislative Branch Of Government

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In 1787 the leaders of the states came together to establish a constitutional set of guidelines (laws), to ensure a more structured uniformed way of protecting the American people against total governmental control, and protecting the citizens rights. The constitution ensured that the branches would be serperated to detour from total control of one branch of government, Each branch of government has its own duties and responsibilities other than working along side the other branches. Below identifies the three branches of government as well as their responsibilities and process of being elected as a member.
Legislative Branch
The legislative branch is comprised of two bodies; the Senate and the House of Representatives. Their primary responsibility includes making and modifying laws to be adopted and enforced by other branches of government. The legislative branch also oversees the military operations and funding, to help protect the United States of America. The legislative branch helps finance the Armed Forces and helps protect those men and women who serve by enacting policies and laws for their specific branch of military. This particular duty- helping the Armed Forces-, gives me the freedom each and every day to go to school, work in an establishment of my choice and gives me the ultimate freedom, that my country prides for future generations to come. I find my protection granted to me by the people who selflessly serve to be the most rewarding gift I have ever received, and sadly I often take it for granted. An interesting fact I gathered from researching this topic is that the Legislative Branch is the only branch of the government who can declare war.
The members of the legislative branch are elected by the state of re...

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...ople who are there until they chose otherwise. I would also give less power to the President on the election of members, and instead let the people vote that they feel like represent them to the best of their ability. This will ensure equal voice from various different groups and states of representation. In all honesty I believe the way members should be elected should be the same uniformed process as discussed in the legislative branch.
In conclusion, the three branches of government serve as protection against ultimate control from one part of government. Each branch of government is responsible of different aspects of implementing, enforcing and modifying laws. They work together to ensure the public is protected, no branch is more important than the other. Instead they work side by side on their repsonsilbities and duties, which interconnect within each other.

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