The legendary Works of F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

The legendary Works of F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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An Analytical perspective of the great works of F. Scott Fitzgerald
The legendary Works of F. Scott Fitzgerald reflects onto his readers and exceptional childhood and educational background emmating from his life experiences. It is believed The Great Gatsby reflects his point of view of his fortunate life as an author. F. Scott Fitzgerald is an author of many short stories and novels in Americas history primarily however his works explimfied the era of the nineteen twenties.
Fitzgerald was born on September 28th 1896 into an upper middle class family living in Saint Paul Minnesota. His mother and father Mollie and Edward Fitzgerald named him after his second cousin three times removed Francis Scott Key the author of the star spangled banner. His mother previously had two children Mary and Louise who unfortunately passed away before he was born from illnesses at the ages of one and three. Mollie Fitzgerald became pregnant once more after that but lost the baby an hour after birth. However in 1901 Scott’s Sister Annabel was born completing the family.
As a result of Fitzgerald’s mother having trouble giving birth to a second child Scott grew up as a spoiled child. At the time living where he lived was lucky he carried himself as a child with a high society attitude. His parents both came from different backgrounds which showed through Fitzgerald as he was growing up. It was believed that his mother saw money as position, stability, and security; his father believed the most important things were good manners, instincts, courtesy, honor and courage. Fitzgerald’s morals mainly came from his father but his insecurities regarding society came from his mother. The Fitzgerald’s were a fortunate family living a Midwestern life.
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...Fitzgerald imitated in many of his novels. Incorporated in the text was also a lot of Fitzgerald’s own life and the problems he faced. “Alcoholism. Mental illness, and marital issues factor into nearly everyone of his novels, and they aggressively contrast with his glamorous public image”-Qwiklit Many people realized Fitzgerald’s private life came out through his novels not the one the public saw of him.
Fitzgerald’s work brought inspiration to many authors after him. Although he wrote and published many of his works. Many people believe now that The Great Gatsby was a flawless novel and the best of his works. As an author he gave us an epic story and millions of copies have been sold worldwide. His life and intelligence formed an amazing writer that we all know today. His legacy has continued and will continue in years to come through many authors.

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