The Legendary Woman Dorothy Crowfoot Essay

The Legendary Woman Dorothy Crowfoot Essay

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During the 1900’s women were seen as the ideal ‘wives’, they were seen as the people who don’t need an education, who don’t need to know anything, all they needed to do was cook, clean and have babies, but during that civilisation, an extraordinary woman who had taken her place in the world, a woman who discovered the structure of cholesterol, Penicillin, vitamin B12, and insulin, a woman who had made impartiality across the nations of the world, and had made woman just as able and just as knowledgeable as men, a woman identified as Dorothy Hodgkin’s.
This article, will be exploring and analysing her work, and the detail of her astounding life and career.
A Legendary woman, who even today whilst she is not with us, still stands in a superior position, still standing as high as she has ever been, Mrs Dorothy Hodgkin’s, an iconic lady to all woman, not locally, nor nationally but to all females globally.

Dorothy Crowfoot was born on the 12th May, 1910, in Cairo, Egypt. She was the eldest of four girls and discovered her passion for science at the age of 10. She found she had a strong interest in crystals and how they were formed, so at 11, she converted one of four of the family house attics into her own personal laboratory. Although Dorothy was very young and could barely look after herself, whilst her parents were not in the country and travelled around the world, she took on the role of looking after her younger sisters. Dorothy had always expressed extra emotion towards her discoveries and what she learnt, even as a child. There would even be occasional glimpses of frustration as she completed homework with the correct answer but no explanation of why. Dorothy was a very understanding student and all of her teachers were ...

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...t for average. She is a phenomenal lady who took a right and a stand of the educational side of women around the world, taking away the inferior side to ladies, and allowing people to see

equality in the world. Dorothy Hodgkin’s had taken a stand and had been one of the few people to so, as well as making many amazing scientific discoveries, had made justice known to people of the earth, and to prove that the ability of education is not based on the simple matter of your sex, but on the matter of understanding, fascination and inspiration.

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