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The Legendary Dolly Parton Essay examples

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Without a doubt there is one major performer that certainly stands out within our pop culture world. The name of this very famous American icon is, Dolly Parton. Dolly has surpassed any rags to riches story that ever lived. She has touched the lives of so many individuals over many decades through her many talents. Dolly started her career at a very young age and continued fulfilling her life endeavors through country music, pop music, and even acting. This American icon didn’t stop with just her talents, she also gave back to our society through charity, fundraising, and establishing her own theme park. Dolly Parton was brought up in a very poor family, however through much dedication she became the famous icon everyone idolized today.
Dolly Parton’s life began in Sevier County, Tennessee. She was the fourth of twelve children born to a poor tobacco farmer (Dolly). Even though her family was very poor, that didn’t stop this bubbly little girl from pursuing her dreams. In fact, Dolly was able to turn the struggles that her family encountered into inspirations to her songwriting. One of the very popular songs “Coat of Many Colors” was written by Dolly regarding a true story of her mother sewing a multi-colored coat for her that was made from rags. Not only did Dolly grow up singing and songwriting at home in the family’s rustic one room cabin, she sang in church and by the time she was ten she was performing on local television and radio shows in Knoxville, Tennessee (Dolly). Dolly’s parents saw the gift that their daughter was given and purchased for her a guitar when she was only ten years old. She taught herself how to play and not only sang in the public eye but played the guitar as well. If this wasn’t already an open...

... middle of paper ... won throughout her singing and acting career are countless. Even Dolly’s physical appearance and voice have made such a statement in the entertainment world. There have even been many other entertainers that have tried to follow her footsteps of fashion and image but no one can pull it off like Dolly can. I’m certain that this famous pop culture icon is not done yet entertaining and giving more to our society. I don’t imagine there will be another entertainer that will be more famous in the pop culture world as Dolly Parton.

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