Essay about Legalizing Life Ending Medications For Terminally Ill Patients

Essay about Legalizing Life Ending Medications For Terminally Ill Patients

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Across the United States, five states have legalized life ending medications to terminally ill patients. There are several American physicians such as a California anesthesiologist and cancer patient Dr. Daniel Swangard who is fighting to defend the legal rights of fatally-ill patients who want to die on their own terms. Last year, volunteers from across California began a petition drive to collect the sixty eight thousand signatures needed to introduce the legalization of life ending medications in consideration by the state legislature; by the time they were done, they had gotten more than eighty six thousand voters to sign to show their support. (Sandburn). Why would someone want to kill themselves after being sick and taking more medication that will kill them even quicker? Not prescribing life ending medications can help save patients lives in these three ways. First, it will probably give them a chance to outlive their days other than them taking medication causing them to die. Second, it will give the patient an advantage of possibly staying alive from a false diagnosis. Third, it will give the patient hope.
First, by the patient not taking the prescribed life ending medication they will probably have a better chance of living longer. Dan Swangard, a 48-year-old physician from San Francisco, was diagnosed in 2013 with a rare form of metastatic cancer. Physician Dan Swangard knows what death looks like. As a physician, he has seen patients die in hospitals, hooked to morphine drips and overcome with anxiety. He has watched death drag on for weeks or months as terrified relatives stand by helplessly (Swangard). If the patients refuse to take the medication, they are doing their selves a favor. The medication is prescribed to ...

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... life and speak up for themselves. Physicians shouldn’t prescribe life ending medications to patient period.(Cohen).
In conclusion, although many physicians see prescribing life-ending medications to terminally ill patients is right, there can be better options for the patients. As stated, the patient will have a chance to outlive his/her days by not taking the prescribe medicine which causes him/her to eventually die. Also, it will give the patient an advantage of possibly staying alive from a false diagnosis. If he/she is not falsely diagnosed in first place, he/she can live a healthy life. Last, the terminally ill patients want to have hope. If there is any chance of having hope it will give them a peace of mind to know there can be good at the end. Prescribing life-ending medications to terminally ill patients is a movement that shouldn’t be passed.

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