Legalizing Active Euthanasia Essay

Legalizing Active Euthanasia Essay

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Euthanasia is the act of killing a patient who is undergoing a very serious painful disease that can’t be cured. The killing process involved does not involve any pain. There are different classification of euthanasia; involuntary and voluntary, non-voluntary, passive and active euthanasia. Active euthanasia refers to the painless killing of a patient using poison. It is done by administering any poisonous injection to the hopeless patient (Wennberg 175).
People across the world, including the Americans, view the theme of active euthanasia differently. Some oppose while others propose depending on the issue at hand. Basing on the arguments, it mostly depends on the effects that come out from it. I argue that the justification of the issue of active euthanasia should depend on whether we decline in legalizing it or not (Keown 114).
The arguments based on legalizing active euthanasia include that people in the world should be leaving a life that is worthwhile. By legalizing it, there will be increment in the death rate and life will be cheap. When the number of people in the country is low, the economy will grow and this will raise the living standard. In most of the court rulings, there are principles that have been put forward for supporting legalization. One of them owns the right to determining oneself. According to this principle, people make their own decision about their lives. They own the right of how they should use their bodies (Wennberg 261). They also have the right to judge the treatment they prefer. Surprisingly, they also have the right to decide what time they prefer to die. Most people prefer this because they own the right to what they should do with their own body. People should be living a life that ha...

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... argument are that, we should sometimes allow the merciful death. And move on with life instead of prolonged death of suffering. Sometimes we should consider some factors such as the economy. In this case, we reduce suffering that loved ones would have suffered.
In conclusion, in life time process we should be able to make the right decisions in our lives. Make right justices and correct the government in making wrong decisions. We should not blame other people who suffer from certain disorders. Active Euthanasia is not good for the people because it is killing human, suicide.

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