Legalized Killing Should Be Abolished Essay

Legalized Killing Should Be Abolished Essay

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Capital punishment is the punishment by death for a crime. It is also called the death penalty. It is the only form of killing that is legalized. It may be carried out by electrocution, hanging, lethal injection, gas chamber, and firing squad. The death penalty has been banished in over one hundred and thirty countries. Capital punishment has been abolished in every industrialized nation except for the United States of America. In the United States, capital punishment has been an extremely controversial issue that divides the country and leads to disharmony. The death penalty abolition movement is growing, and some progress is being made, but there is a lot of work yet to be done. There are various organizations using different avenues to abolish the death penalty. They have been successful in New Mexico, Illinois, New Jersey and New York. These are organizations like Amnesty International, The National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty (NCADP), and The People of Faith against the Death Penalty (PFADP).
Amnesty international is an eloquent and a well-known organization that is in different parts of the world. Amnesty International is one of the largest and best-known international nongovernmental organizations that are dedicated to human rights. It is a non-profit organization that was established in 1961. Amnesty means a general pardon for offenses or an act of forgiveness for past offenses. They serve several purposes on the bringing about of equality, peace and social justice. However, one of their main goals is to abolish the death penalty. They have been quite successful in many countries and some states in the United States. Amnesty International stands out, because it has good governmental contacts all around the wor...

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