Legalization Of The Possession, Production, Sale And Distribution Of Marijuana

Legalization Of The Possession, Production, Sale And Distribution Of Marijuana

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Legalization of the possession, production, sale and distribution of marijuana has caught the attention of many Americans. Viewing the retributive, commutative and distributive justice perspective of the efforts to legalize marijuana can have contending views. Under various circumstances, such as the medical use, recreational use and zoning regulations of marijuana makes determining what is “just” and what is “unjust” difficult. State and Federal laws that govern marijuana are causing concerns from a justice perspective.
Currently, 18 states in America have passed laws that legalized medical marijuana use. Recreational and medicinal marijuana use has been completely legalized in the states of Colorado, Washington, Alaska and Oregon. Never the less, in the eyes of the federal government this activity is still against the law. Such activity can be considered against the law by the federal government even if the state law has made it legal. State laws can allow such activity and the federal government can enforce punishment for such acts this is “unjust”? Concerns like this make it problematic to view from the concept of justice. Justice in a sense is no more than giving people what they are due; no more, no less.
Recently, states have chosen to pass laws that legalizes the growing, possessing, selling, and distribution, through state regulated dispensaries, limited amounts of marijuana for medical use. Patients with HIV are legally allowed to smoke marijuana with this new law. Viewed from a distributive perspective, allowing the patient with HIV to smoke marijuana would be just. Distributive justice refers to the distribution of goods fairly and as to what society owes to its individual members. Since the state in which he/she r...

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...rently amongst different groups as well. When making decisions family, community, state and national perspectives will contrast. So not only is the concept and category a key factor in what constitutes justice, but so is the group from which it is being judged. For most people justice means fairness, impartiality, and punishments that are not cruel or unusual. What one culture finds completely acceptable another may find taboo (Dreisbach, 2013). Determining the best resolution to issues involving the availability of marijuana in American society may be handled in the same fashion as alcohol. State and Federal government figured that one out after trial and error. It would be too difficult to consider every perspective and thus should be dealt with at the higher echelons of the government. The only problem lies within, the state and the government cannot agree either.

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