The Legalization Of Sex Trade Essay

The Legalization Of Sex Trade Essay

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Sex trade, or in other words, prostitution, is considered the world’s oldest profession, the profession in which a woman sells her body for the sexual pleasure of a customer in exchange for money. This controversial issue has seemed to stir up many ideas, opinions, and conceptions on what seems to be such a negative view not only in a social aspect, but in moral one too. All this time we have been told that the sex trade around the world and in the U.S is such an unpropitious path women take, but why is it that we only seem to take in all the antipathetic information regarding prostitution? Isn’t it time to open our minds and be unbiased about this issue? Although the decriminalization of the sex trade could expand the sex industry and promote violence, the sex trade should be decriminalized and regulated by the states or government because not only does the government not have authority over a woman’s autonomy, but it also has major monetary benefits, and aids for a cleaner and healthier environment for the women in the sex trade.
Many people may argue that by decriminalizing the sex trade could expand the sex industry and promote violence. Due to the fact that it will now be decriminalized, more and more women won’t be reluctant to steer their lives toward the path of prostitution, believing that it isn’t morally wrong. Also people fear that it would advocate the issue of violence. According to the article, “Is Regulating the Solution to Sex Trafficking?” by Karen Coca, it states, “Although regulating sex trafficking can have beneficial issues… the bottom line is that it would validate sexual violence.” This statement although, can be considered inaccurate. Prostitutes have one of the highest rates of being assaulted, raped, an...

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... can’t regulate what can be a victimless crime? If women sell their bodies on their own consent, it would be considered victimless. Many of the workers are forced into the sex trade, but once regulated they can have a choice. Also, no one, not even the government, should tell a human being what to do or not to do with their body. Prostitution can be used as a source of tax revenue and help a country, or city, germinate economically. Plus, working environments will improve to both the women and men, reducing the levels of diseases and deaths. Yes, decriminalizing the sex trade might increase the sex economy, but does the world really believe the idea of no more women, desperate of getting money, selling their body for a couple of dollars? There will always be those lonely men who would pay in order to receive sexual pleasure. Prostitution isn’t going away anytime soon.

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