The Legalization Of Same Sex Marriage Essay

The Legalization Of Same Sex Marriage Essay

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As of June 26, 2015 the legalization of same sex marriage was passed in over 15 states in the United States of America. Same sex marriage was one of the biggest controversies known world wide due to religious beliefs, personal beliefs, and parental beliefs. Although many can argue why they disagree with same sex marriage, research and personal experience will show why same sex marriage is approved.
The number one con of same sex marriage is of course religion. Some believe that if you date of the same sex then you will go to hell. In most countries marriage is stated to be between a man and woman. Those who did not follow that belief were shamed and not accepted. People with this religious belief look down upon those who feel love towards one being of the same sex. When you think of same sex marriage the second thing that might come to mind are kids. Most gay or lesbian couples go for adoption because it’s known to be the easiest way. Those who oppose same sex marriage say that their parenting skills wouldn’t have the same affect as it would with a father and a mother. One could argue “what about the single parents who don’t have a spouse to help raise a girl or boy?” What many people do not realize is that it doesn’t matter who raises you its how one raises you. The more personal con is judgments a gay and lesbian couples go through. It may have a mental and emotional affect on a couple which may make a couple want to hide their relationship or not fully express themselves.

The advocates for gay marriages say that denying a couple the rights to get married is also denying them their basic rights. Due to the fact that it is ones choice regardless of their sex could be priced at some their basics rig...

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