Essay on The Legalization Of Organ Sale

Essay on The Legalization Of Organ Sale

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Saying goodbye to a loved one is never easy. A third of the families of over 123,000 have to say goodbye to their dying relatives. A third of that list die waiting for an organ.
If there was a way to save the third of those waiting for an organ would society take a role and help find it? Luckily there is, the sale of organs would reduce the number of deaths and possibly reduce the waiting list. Fewer families would have to say a hurtful goodbye to loved ones.
The legalization of organ sale will affect millions of people in need of an organ .Organ sale has been a controversial topic since June 17th 1950 when Ruth Tucker who suffered from kidney failure had the world 's first successful kidney transplant. For over 65 years America has debated over whether it should be legal to get compensated for an organ donation. In October of 1984 the National Organ Transplant Act otherwise known as NOTA was approved and amended.
The act outlawed the sale of human organs and established a task force on Organ Transplantation. Moreover, it also authorized the department of health and human services to grant the planning ,establishment ,and initial operation of Organ Procurement Operations. Many opponents of organ sale wanted it outlawed strictly because they felt that if an organ were put on the market prices for them would continually increase leaving them unattainable for the less fortunate.
Moreover, there has been a lack of organ donors for decades. the lack of donors is a huge problem since this only means that the wait list is continually growing. Organ sale affects everyone ,it affects the economy, the donor, and the recipient. First, it affects the economy because the money which the recipient and insurance companies spend will go ...

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...d be able to find solutions to achieve. The solution is as simple as legalizing the sale of human organs.
In conclusion, all lives matter. Everyone should have the right of their own body and the right of life itself. Having to say good bye is never easy. Society has a way of helping this problem be reduced and possibly eliminated. It’s crucial that there is a change in the view of the selling of human organs. The legalization of the sale of human organs is the solution. This great solution would give those that don’t have a chance of survival a new opportunity in life. The third of that list does not have to die. An average of 21 people per day that die waiting for an organ would drastically be reduced. The Families of the third of that list don’t have to prepare themselves and their loved one for a hurtful goodbye. This is a new opportunity in life for everyone.

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