The Legalization of Marijuana in Canada Essay

The Legalization of Marijuana in Canada Essay

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1. Introduction
In the prime news on the television, there is plentiful atrocious news of deaths by excessive use of drugs. Often, many entertainment stars in Hollywood have been accidentally killed by excessive ingesting of narcotics, for example, Michel Jackson. Furthermore, in some cases in Canada, when the majority of the companies hire employees, they are usually questions or drug tests the candidates. Unfortunately, the number using marijuana has rapidly escalated in contemporary Canadian society, especially the teenage section of Canadians.
According to the CBC news (2009), over 40,000 Canadians are habitually accused with owning prohibited marijuana every year. The report adds that according to some research, the most-known illegal drug in the country, Cannabis sativa, becomes widespread among teen society, and 10 million Canadian youth have experience of taking marijuana at least once in their entire lives (para.3).
In reaction to this, some Canadians complain that legal substances as alcohol and tobacco kill more people and wonder why marijuana, as a soft drug, is not decriminalized to become controlled substances. In fact, the time has come to rearrange the idea of the legalization of marijuana for the sake of society.
The purpose of this research paper is to explore the legalization of marijuana in Canada. First, the report will introduce the history of legalizing marijuana. Then, the current principles of medical use in Canada will be discussed. The last point will investigate the allowance of marijuana for recreational activities of general Canadians. The last part will produce recommendations for the government of Canada in order to expand the legitimization of marijuan...

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