Essay about Legalization of Marijuana in British Columbia and Canada

Essay about Legalization of Marijuana in British Columbia and Canada

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The marijuana prohibition in British Columbia and Canada is an issue that needs to be addressed; it does not reduce the total number of people using the substances, increases the cost spent on law enforcement, and is a six billion dollar industry in B.C alone that we are unable to tax (Maclean, 2005). In this paper we will examine three innovations British Columbia could enact the first is legalization of marijuana in B.C and Canada, exploring decriminalization, and leaving the marijuana laws the way they are.
In British Columbia and across Canada 40 percent of youth currently going to school have admitted to using marijuana, and approximately 12.6% of the Canadian population or about 4.39 million adults have used cannabis at least once in the past year (Henry,2009; Flister, 2012). It has impacted our streets and schools and our residential neighborhoods are becoming more dangerous because drug dealers are targeting our youth to use and sell their substances (Maclean, 2005). According to Mark Maclean in his article “Vancouver Drug Epidemiology and Drug Crime Statisitics 2000” seventy one percent of the drug crimes committed in B.C. alone involved cannabis. This will eventually get worse now with the The Safe Streets and Communities Act that is already in affect outlines individuals who grow 6 or more weed plants will be facing a minimum of 6 months in prison (Little & Nash, n.d).
Flitser (2012) notes if we are to legalize marijuana in Canada while maintaining the current retail prices to a marijuana cigarette, which is approximately $8.60. This will be tax equivalent to the difference between the current street prices and the costs of production and will amount to high profits for the government (Filtser,...

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...alizing it. However, it is good to have knowledge of all the potential areas of a product.
Mulgrew, I. (2012, February 14). Legalize marijuana, former B.C. attorneys-general say Colin Gabelmann, Ujjal Dosanjh, Graeme Bowbrick and Geoff Plant say the 89-year-old marijuana prohibition has failed. The Vancouver Sun. Retrieved from
This is an article of four former B.C attorneys-general calling for the legalization of marijuana for several reasons this includes that regulating and tax pot will raise government revenue, reduce gang violence, to better protect our communities, and will improve health outcomes. It compares the marijuana prohibition to the alcohol probation we had in the 1920’s and 1930’s that has been uplifted and the same should be done for marijuana.

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