Essay Legalization Of Marijuan Economic And Societal Effects

Essay Legalization Of Marijuan Economic And Societal Effects

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Legalization of Marijuana: The Economic and Societal Effects
The legalization of marijuana and other controlled substances is a highly discussed and controversial topic. Opponents have generally repeated arguments formed from long lasting government propaganda in the past, and proponents have been working tirelessly to break down those preconceptions. There are many arguments for and against the legalization of marijuana, and in many ways it is the same discussion that led to the end of prohibition. Generally, the opposing arguments are geared toward moral standards and focus on correlation as causation; the arguments for legalization are generally based on university studies and case studies from other countries and states that have already legalized marijuana. This essay will attempt to dispel the myths and create a solid path on which we can work through this issue. This essay will also propose policy rules and regulations from which a sound bill may be created.
Arguments opposing Legalization, and the Proponent Response
Opposition Argument (OA): Opponents say that the government should not be involved with the manufacture or supply of substances considered immoral by a great deal of citizens. If a substance is considered unhealthy, the government should not produce or endorse it, because the objective of the government is to safeguard citizens’ well-being and reduce their exposure to risk.
Proponent Response (PR): With all of the urgent and imminent threats facing our country, it is trivial to create laws prohibiting drug use. Furthermore, it is no more worthwhile to create these laws than it is to create laws against extreme sports and overindulging at McDonalds. Obesity is an epidemic, insomuch that it kills millions each y...

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...e anything else when they were under the legal age.
Personal Opinion
It is clear to me that the societal and economic effects are far more beneficial than destructive. Furthermore, any negative effects will be no more than that of alcohol and generally mitigated by imposed fiscal and regulatory guidelines. I am a firm believer that personal liberty means that a person should be allowed the right to do whatever he/she chooses up to the point that their actions infringe upon another individual’s liberties. In the case of legalizing marijuana, it does not follow that an individual choosing to consume THC is an infringement upon any other person’s freedom. If the right policies, taxes, and laws are put into place, there is no reason in which to believe that the negative effects are any worse than that of many legal substances, such as tobacco, alcohol, or even trans-fat.

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