Legalization of Equine Slaughter Houses in the United States Essay example

Legalization of Equine Slaughter Houses in the United States Essay example

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Shouldn’t everyone be able to have their own opinion, or at least have other options? Slaughter houses are not always a bad option, in some cases it may be the smart one. Slaughter houses can be an ideal option for horses that are old, lame, or dying; however not recommended for healthy unwanted horses.
Slaughter houses in the United States have had a hard time staying in business because of many controversial reasons. The last slaughter house closed in 2007, after congress banned slaughter houses by cutting funds for inspection in 2005. “But in 2011, the ban was lifted because the funding prohibition expired” (Gustin). Now, it is in debate whether slaughter houses will soon be legalized or not. United States Senator Max Baucus states, “Congress is moving closer to allowing United States’ horses to be slaughtered, with a move that allows inspections of the facility” (Baucus Praises Bill). Although, some people think that slaughter is completely inhumane, cruel, and wrong; there are others who have found positive reasons for slaughter houses. Some say it is a “humane solution for unwanted horses and it could also bring the potential of new jobs” (Gustin). This is a good point, because there are other options that could be considered less humane, and it is important to have enough jobs for a growing community. Others have also pointed out that it is an easier and cheaper option.
However, even though the anti-slaughter bill was passed, horses are still being slaughtered. Horses are being shipped across the border to Mexico and Canada (Smiley). It has recently been estimated that 100,000 horses are being shipped each year for their meat to be sold in Belgium, Iceland, France, Russia, Mexico and many other countries (Lin). Even Te...

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