Essay on The Legalization Of Drug Use

Essay on The Legalization Of Drug Use

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The legalization of drug use is the most absurd thing I have ever heard. That is what a friend said to me when I asked if legalizing drug use could have some benefits. We know that the issue of drugs seems to be a problem that most people reject, by the just fact that there are many negative things associated with them such as crime, addiction, and death. Society perception rejects the legalization of drug use, but like many things, ignorance plays an important role in creating prejudgments without concrete basics. Legalizing drug use is a controversial issue among the international society with high political costs for those who dare to suggest it, but there are some important aspects that make me suggest that drug use should be regulated by the government.

The drug use prohibition has had several problems like the alcohol prohibition some years ago in United States. Many people argue that legalizing the use of drugs will have unimaginable consequences. However, we know well about past events and what may happen in the future are only unproven theories. Now, history is happening again. For example, the criminal Al Capone maintained his power as he controlled the police, it finished when the state decided to end his reign through the legalization of alcohol consumption. However, instead of recognizing the failure of the policy of drug prohibition, most governments around the world have committed spending more resources and more threatening the freedoms of their citizens in a failed effort to stop the illegal trade of narcotics. Legalizing drug use may finish the extreme consequences with the current ban.

The legalization of drug use would end the super habit of the business of drug cartels and black market of drugs. Many peopl...

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...ence against a threat instead of this it is a pleasant feeling”. Misinformation about the drug use is the real enemy to avoid the drug use. This creates many of the risks and dangers associated with it. For instance, I have never tasted any kind of illegal drug. My parents took my brother and me to a rehabilitation center to see the consequences of abuse of drug use. I am an example of that education works for this I favor education rather than prohibition.

In conclusion, there is no evidence to show us that a ban on drugs is successful. After many years of bad experiences with the current ban, and after a detailed analysis of the consequences desired to prohibit the sale and consumption of some drugs, it is necessary to come to the conclusion that drug use should be legalized if we do not want to follow the self-destructive path we are driving modern prohibition.

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