The Legalization Of Doctor Assisted Suicide Essay

The Legalization Of Doctor Assisted Suicide Essay

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The popular desire for assisted dying is beyond question, the main arguments is the right to die with the help of a doctor, at the time and in the manner of your choosing. Ending a human life is wrong because life is scared and the endurance of suffering confers its own dignity. For the legalization of doctor assisted suicide, dying is the first step on a slippery slope where the vulnerable are threatened and also where premature death becomes a cheap alternative to palliative care.

Mr. Ben was rushed to the emergency room in an ambulance, the doctors not being able to save him pronounced brain dead. Now, his family members want him on life support therapy with the hope of him coming out of the coma, the doctors with their knowledge on his medical condition and situation knows that it will take a miracle for Mr. Ben to recover. In this scenario, what happens to Mr. Ben’s life, and who decides his faith? While the answer is the America law of euthanasia.
Although we know how euthanasia works sometimes voluntary euthanasia does not exist, it is unconditionally legalized doctors are playing a stimulating role in performing euthanasia a wide scale, either it may be voluntary or in voluntary, and the government is asking people to vote in favour of euthanasia (Van Der Berge 47). Throughout the ages, people have argued that killing yourself is a logical thing to do when faced with unbearable suffering. Under King Edgar, an English ruler of the tenth century, suicide was not penalised (by the confiscation of the suicide 's property) if the deed was done because of ill-health or insanity.
Early in the present century euthanasia bills were introduced, unsuccessfully, in legislatures in a number of western countries: But now ...

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...ontinuum of life. In fact, in the Liturgy of the Hours, Night Prayer ends with the petition, "May the all-powerful Lord grant us a restful night and a peaceful death." assisted suicide are as much about unseemliness and fear of suffering as they are about death. There is a saying that goes like if we can put down animals down when they have terminal disease, why can’t we do the same things with human, and treat them with the same compassion. While we believe that we should treat human differently than the way we treat animals. What is required to treat human life and dignity is not the same ways as what is required to treat animal life. Death, after all, is cheaper than treatment.

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