Legalization of Assisted Suicide

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In recent years physician assisted suicide has gained considerable media attention. For many, the idea of physician assisted suicide is an emotional issue; however, it is an important issue. The facts should be considered when discussing and facilitating change in public policies. The Right to die, as it relates to individual rights and wellbeing of the individual, needs to be addressed. Legalizing physician assisted suicide in Canada is a compassionate response to unbearable suffering. It can bring relief to the families who love terminally ill patients. With safeguards in place, such as waiting periods, family notification, and input from multiple physicians; physician assisted suicide is a sensible option and should be the right of every person to decide for themselves. Death and dying is being increasingly acknowledged as an integral part of human life. It is no longer something that is feared unspoken about. There is a need for humans to now reflect on and plan beyond the financial and funeral arrangements, but about how we die as well (Prado, C. G. 1). One of the main reasons that our ideas and attitudes about dying has drastically changed the way we view the subject of death is due to the application of technology and the physicians’ ability to sustain life. When it became possible to extend one’s life and the process of dying, it became necessary to make decisions about when to stop doing so. The quality of one’s life has become a common consideration for people and the fact that the prolonging of death and the inevitable seemed at times to be at great personal, familial and social cost (Prado, C. G. 1). Canadians can become confused when it comes to their options for dealing with an incurable illn... ... middle of paper ... ...relevant argument in this debate is that of the individual right to die and right to decide for themselves. Competent people should have the right to choose death. Delaying a person’s death is not a justifiable action. A physician's duty is to alleviate suffering and this justifies that act of providing assistance with dying. When looking at the issue this way it seems that physician-assisted dying is ethical. Assisted suicide is a rational decision and a rational choice for a person who is choosing to die to escape unbearable suffering. Allowing assisted suicide is compassionate, not selfish. It is not murder, but an act of mercy from unbearable suffering. Physician assisted suicide allows a patient who has been fighting to restore their health, but have been given little or no hope of recovery, the right and freedom to make decisions about their own care.
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