Essay on The Legalization of Abortion and Crime

Essay on The Legalization of Abortion and Crime

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In the united states recent studies and older research has shown us the true crime of our metropolitan cities across the nation. In the united states violent crimes seem to occur every 25.3 seconds as today. The rate of crime varies in gender, age and race throughout the nation and throughout the states that legalized abortion. There was a decrease of crime fell in a few states due to their legalization of abortion even before Roe v. Wade. In the united states there are different categories that contribute to crime for example gender, age, and race. In gender we see a higher crime rate with men statistically than any other category. Men are more likely to commit crimes than women statistically shown. As numbers of previous reports have reliability problems many have resorted to a self information report. A self information report consists of a poll or questionnaire in which correspondents are encouraged to be truthful because they will remain anonymous. Sociologist turn their attention to mostly males committing crimes. The sex role theory is used to argue that boys are socialized differently than girls which makes them more troublesome and delinquent. Girls get more supervision, have stricter rules and are controlled. Boys are encouraged to take risks and be the tough and manly figure presented to them. Males have more opportunity to commit crimes and inclination to take the chance against the law. Gender roles play major roles in the actions performed by the male. The boy is shown to perform roles which show him as a provider to the family and of course a strong leader. The female is shown the basic roots of being a mother from a young age which consists of giving the support emotionally and socializing the child. The crime r...

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...erified with countries such as Canada and Romania that also show that their legalized abortion lowered the crime rate. The means of abortion was effective to combat crime because of the case of the unborn criminal. In areas stricken with poverty with the characteristics of being a high crime child like with a single parent the young mother could abort the child and reduce the count of crime that the child would statistically assist in. The simpleness of Levitt's theory was that he believed that unwanted children would be at risk to growing up and having criminal lives. With fewer unwanted children it meant that there would be fewer at risk kids that would be criminals due to not being born. Crime rates and legalized abortion are in direct correlation with mostly all the information and data pointing to the higher abortion rates concluding in lowered crime rates.

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