The Legality of Marijuana Essay examples

The Legality of Marijuana Essay examples

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As members of a sophisticated and modern society, to participate in the day to day social life there are a few things we must act in accordance with. We must follow the natural laws that the societies have placed in order, and must establish guidelines by understanding their moral and ethical obligations. They are the foundations of our day to day life. Whether we choose to obey or disobey the norms and regulations of our social environment is determined by the way we appeal to their distinct morals and ethics.

There are many “ethical situations” in our society on which various people have various different opinions. The legality of marijuana is one such situation in the society regarding the morals and ethics. It is argued worldwide by all kinds of people from all kinds of backgrounds who all think differently towards this subject. In today’s society, everybody from the government to the general public have a different view point towards this. There are many number of ethical theories that are available to be used to discuss whether or not marijuana should be legal, if yes till what extent and if not, then why not. In this essay, I will be presenting arguments of two theories for the topic of legality of marijuana. On one hand is Utilitarianism, which was presented by the nineteenth century philosopher John Stuart Mill, and on the other hand is the Kantian ethics, which was presented by philosopher Immanuel Kant in the eighteenth century. I personally would choose to legalize it by the theory of Utilitarianism. In the essay I will propose my personal opinion as to why I think one is better than the other.

The basic philosophy of Utilitarianism, that Mill provides, is the idea of the ‘greatest good for the greatest amount’. It ...

... middle of paper ...

...kes different people the most happy, and would almost certainly legalize marijuana, as the simple matter of legalizing it does not take away from any persons happiness, but instead opens another layer of happiness, for those that it would work for. Kant's system is very straightforward, tightly wound, and there would be no place for a drug like marijuana. Mill's way does seem more open and friendly, and held at gunpoint would be the one I would choose, but with a little foresight it is obvious that some people just lack the willpower and discipline to find a balance, and their lives would be ruined by this decision. Kant's way is much more practical, easier to guarantee, but at the same time I can see the world that lives by these maxims as a cold one, without much joy or room for growth. A modified form of Mill's Utilitarianism would be ideal, in my humble opinion.

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