Legalities Regarding Stem Cell Research Essay

Legalities Regarding Stem Cell Research Essay

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“…Stem cells are unique because they are undifferentiated, meaning that given the right conditions they are capable of developing into any type of cell” (Lee, 2011, Stem cell basics, para. 2). Because stem cells are not initially indicated to be any specific cell, one can see stem cells as the foundation of each tissue within the human body. Stem cells exhibit numerous potential benefits for a variety of complications due to the cell’s diverse range of possible transformations. Stem cells derived from human embryos are known as embryonic stem cells. Since the discovery of embryonic stem cells, federal guidelines have been established in the United States as a result of the ethical controversy that has arisen in relation to the derivation of stem cells. Regulations regarding the limited permission of embryonic stem cell research as a consequence of continuous moral debates should be lessened for the reason that such cells pose ample therapeutic benefits for a myriad of suffering individuals.
Certainly, stem cells convey the potentiality to produce beneficial treatments for a diverse range of medical conditions. Various illnesses could be cured if embryonic stem cell research was permitted to expand. Stem cells can be valuable in regenerating the cells destroyed by illnesses such as Parkinson disease, Alzheimer disease, and spinal cord injuries (Yadav, 2008, p. 1790). These diseases currently have no known cure; therefore, stem cell therapy could be tremendously worthwhile for individuals enduring such hardships. Further conditions that stem cells pose as prospective treatments for include strokes, diabetes, and heart conditions, amongst others (Yadav, 2008, p. 1790). The implementation of mitigated embryonic stem cell ...

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