Essay about Legal Systems Can Be A Safe Place

Essay about Legal Systems Can Be A Safe Place

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Legal systems are hard to keep impartial and fair because of all the people involved. Everyone comes from a different background therefore has their own biases and prejudices that they have picked up along the way from family, friends, culture and experiences. No legal system will ever be perfect because biases are the foundation of how we view the world so they can never be eliminated completely, but we should do as much as possible to to reduce and correct the problems the legal system encounters because of personal biases, prejudices, stereotypes and social influences. In order to set up a legal system in a proactive way to fight against prejudices and social influences, the current legal system’s errors and biases must be recognized, understand then addressed and fought against. The legal system should be a safe place to go to establish justice accurately without fear of stereotypes, biases, discrimination or manipulation.
Attorneys know that jurors judge based off of looks so they help their client make a good impression by making sure the client looks nice, dresses conservatively, grooms neatly and presents themselves well to the court. Stereotypes are beliefs and cognitive frameworks that influence the way people think about something, or someone. Stereotypes connect traits and characteristics with someone even though it is ludicrous or has no supporting evidence. Media, television shows and culture has promoted a variety of stereotypes that effect people’s view of different races, sexual orientation, religions, age, socioeconomic status (SES) and much more. This makes being impartial in court a lot harder because of all the underlying assumptions and biases that people don’t even know they have against certain groups, pe...

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... superintendent was and what gender the subordinate was. If the hypothetical situation had a black supervisor sexually harassing their subordinate than the responsibility of the subordinate was high because “they should have known better” than to go into a hotel room with them. If the supervisor was black, then the monetary compensation was less than if the supervisor was white. Major racial and gender prejudices were highlighted in this study but encouragingly enough, when the participants were moved into a mock trial for the situation they were proposed then a lot of the racial discrimination disappeared and the sentences were even all around. Although there was high racial and gender discrimination on paper, the prejudices highly disappeared when face to face with the convicted in court. Hopefully these prejudices will only continue to disappear as time moves on.

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