Essay on Legal Proceedings of Starbucks Agains Black Bear Company

Essay on Legal Proceedings of Starbucks Agains Black Bear Company

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Applying Ethical Framework: Starbucks vs. Charbucks
1) Starbucks’ legal case strategy legal maneuvering cannot be considered as ethical. The company tried to use its power in order to weaken the small company that already was much weaker. It is obvious that Black Bear had much less finances than the Starbucks did, and that is why legal procedures were exhausting the small company financially. The maneuvering, undertaken by Starbucks, had the aim to destroy the Black Bear Company, and thus to reach its target in the legal proceedings.
From the point of view of Kantian ethics the strategy of Starbucks in the case of its legal persecution of the Charbucks brand is not a rightful approach. Kantian ethics implies that in any case concerned people have to be treated as human beings and not like the objects. In the actions of Starbucks there is a clear pattern of not considering the human factor in their legal case against the Black Bear. The ethical approach of Utilitarianism does not justify the actions of Starbucks Company either. This ethics views each action from the position of the co...

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