Essay on Legal Issues in Healhthcare

Essay on Legal Issues in Healhthcare

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In the case of Michael T. Vandall, M.D., Plaintiff and Appellant v. Trinity Hospitals, a corporation, and Margaret C. Nordell, M.D., the issue is about retaliatory discharge. It deals with problems with Trinity Hospital in North Dakota, Dr. Margaret Nordell and Dr. Michael Vandall, both physicians working in the OB-GYN department.
Dr. Vandall was hired in 1996 by Trinity Hospital under the Physician Services Agreement. The Physicians Services Act, or PSA is a contract that establishes terms of engagement, such as responsibilities, scheduling, salary and insurance. PSAs are a form of alignment between hospitals and physicians that falls just short of full employment. Hospital contracts physicians for certain, outlined professional services, and the hospital directly employs the group staff and takes care of the administrative costs (Herman, 2012).
While working at the OB-GYN department in the hospital, Dr. Vandall, as a Vice Chair of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, learned that another employee of the hospital, Dr. Margaret Nordell was engaged in a level of treatment that was unethical and violated accepted standards of care. It was his duty to the hospital and to the patients, to monitor the competence of his staff members. Although he tried to take the proper steps to deal with it within the hospital, he ended up reporting this to the North Dakota Board of Medical Examiners. It was concluded by the Board that the treatment of Dr. Nordell was gross negligence and they suspended her license to practice medicine.
Dr. Vandall did what the law required him to do when he learned what was going on. After that, Dr. Nordell began filing many complaints against Dr. Vandall, stating that he was "looking at her patient's...

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...s concern for the patients. There was no danger to his life, no person was getting threatened in front of him or property being destroyed, as what happened in the staged films, but I'm certain he was aware of the legal proceedings that would occur. He still went through with his decision to do the right thing. Dr. Vandall was living up to his ethical duties by reporting the actions of Dr. Nordell and followed thorough with his rights to protect himself when dealing with the hospital. Sometimes the simplest and best intentions end up turning into complicated matters, but that is a risk we need to take. When it comes to legal proceedings, it is best to know as much as possible in order to have a favorable outcome. I believe that starts with doing the right thing in the first place. But if that isn't possible, make sure you know your resources to get the help you need.

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