Essay on Legal Ethics Patients ' Rights And Hiv / Aids

Essay on Legal Ethics Patients ' Rights And Hiv / Aids

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Legal Ethics Patients’ Rights and HIV/AIDS
There have been unconfirmed reports that indicate that People Living with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (PLWHIV) are being mishandled by the healthcare providers at the USA Community Hospital. The dissatisfaction among the patients has publicized the hospital negatively. Therefore, this report is meant to shed light on the issues and forge the way forward. There is need to verify whether the reports that people living with HIV are not properly handled.
There is a need to come up with a mechanism that will verify the claims without any bias. Sometimes, the patients might give untrue account of what is expected. This report is tailored to provide thorough assessment of what is the truth. Mechanism used is justified since the report has tried to give the true picture of the current situation in the hospital. People living with HIV need a lot of care and understanding to avoid any case of stigmatization. Therefore, the report is meant to unveil ways to improve the way all patients are handled
To come up with the best report that is free from bias, all the stakeholders will be included in the research. Both the patients’ and the health care providers’ views will be weighed to come up with a consensus. To capture the staffs’ side of the story on the issue, a questionnaire will be used to be filled with the responses of the healthcare providers. All healthcare providers within the facility will be eligible in the research. By incorporating all the staff, more open minded views will be factored into the research. There may be some health workers who are not happy with the way PLWHIV are being treated. Thus, such staff members will get a chance to air their dissatisfaction which will be more inform...

... middle of paper ... able to conduct their duties without the fear of HIV infection. This protective equipment may include; post-exposure prophylaxis and hand wash disinfectants among others. The hospital will need to enact policies that protect the right of the PLWHIV while at the same time secure the health of the health care providers. The policies should be enacted in a participatory manner where they can be communicated to the staff and then monitored.
Health care facilities provide a very unsafe environment for health care providers. Despite having knowledge about the mode of HIV transmission, the health care providers are still afraid of handling PLWHIV. There is need to change the perception about the condition of HIV as general. Therefore, there is need to change attitudes towards PLWHIV and also enact new policies that will protect the Health care providers and the PLWHIV.

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