Essay on Legal Ethics Of Life And Computer Science

Essay on Legal Ethics Of Life And Computer Science

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Legal and Ethical Consideration in Life and Computer Science
Any ethical transgression by people and corporations has harsh aftereffects for civilization; hence, ethical considerations are an essential element of the research process. In all walks of life there are legal and ethical rules to follow. However, humans are not born with values and ethical norms. During the time we are growing up, morals and ethical values are taught to use by our parents, church, family, peers and educational institutes. For specialists, they have a diverse set of ethics, such as “a code of professional conduct like the Hippocratic Oath (“First of all, do no harm”)” (Resnik, 2011, para. 1). These professionals take these oaths, and agree to abide by the ethical rules and regulation, by doing what is appropriate. What might be ethically and morally right in Europe or Asia is wrong in the United States. When it comes to ethical and moral values, they are pervasive; generally people believe it is just prudence that everybody ought to encompass these values (Resnik, 2011). In this paper, we will be analyzing different ethical, legal, and economic challenges in the life and computer science fields, and review what type of influence of these challenges have within the computer science field, and the ethical ramification for any unethical or unlawful behavior.
As mentioned earlier, a good number of folks believe, it is only common sense to know right from wrong, therefore, if this was the case, than how one would explain the enormous amount of discrepancies on ethics (Resnik, 2011). Fortunately, numerous people comprehend ethical values. Various professionals and individual alike construe, utilize, and maintain equilibrium of their ethical value...

... middle of paper ... of ethics calls for high standards of honesty objectivity, diligence, and loyalty of the companies.
In this paper we discuss how companies need to be able to protect their database better. There needs to be more of an educational ways to make it safer for the business with these kinds of problems. There needs to be some sort of training program put into place to help these companies to better protect their computer databases. We analyzed different ethical, legal, and economic challenges in the life and computer science fields and gave some solutions to fix those issues. We also reviewed the different types of influences each of the challenges has within the computer and life science fields. We gave a few examples of the ethical ramification for the unethical and unlawful behavior. In future works we will be presenting a research proposal presentation.

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