Essay The Legal Drop Out Age

Essay The Legal Drop Out Age

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The Legal Drop Out Age
At the age of sixteen Thyree Snead had nothing other than escaping the judgmental students and teachers at Triton High School in Dunn, North Carolina on his mind. He was not encouraged to prosper in school. Witnessing his older brother, dealing drugs and gang banging, was not an example of a motivating and positive role model. The hopeless child’s reputation was set before he crossed the high school threshold. His parents lost custody of him in his early teens, tossing him into foster care. On the young man’s sixteenth birthday, he couldn’t sign the papers quick enough. Thyree dropped out of high school, joined his brother’s gang and will never have the opportunity to find his true success. Should Thyree Snead have the ability to make such a life altering choice at such an impulsive age? No. Sixteen year olds do not have the mental maturity to weigh their actions and consequences. Dissatisfied teenagers do not realize how dramatically they are impacting their lives, which is why the legal dropout age in North Carolina should be increased from sixteen to eighteen years old.
Many may argue that the parents’ consent should account for wrong and rash decisions, making it ok to drop out at the age of sixteen without consent. I, on the other hand, feel that in today’s society, countless juveniles who consider dropping out do not have the proper parental guidance to support them in making the appropriate decisions. The guardians of these broken children often times discourage them from gaining an education due to the lack of financial and moral responsibility a parent wants to have over their child. Also, a family’s socioeconomic status can lower the expectations parents have of their child, which leads to them ...

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...cation, promising to assist him with tutoring and providing him with lessons on proper study habits and note taking. His peers also pushed him to fight his destiny. I met with him after school once a week to go over any concepts he didn’t understand in class. He was motivated and determined. Over time Thyree realized the importance of an education, when he reached eighteen his future was so bright that he couldn’t let it go. He knew that he didn’t want to sell drugs and run from cops for money, he’d witnessed that turmoil for far too long. Every day he focused on school and at night he focused on homework to better himself. He didn’t want to be “typical”, he wanted to support his community and give back to those who believed in him. On June 13th, 2015 as I walked across the stage, shook my principle’s hand and received my diploma, I caught Thyree’s eyes, he made it.

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