Essay on The Legal Drinking Age Should Remain At 21 Or Be Lowered

Essay on The Legal Drinking Age Should Remain At 21 Or Be Lowered

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An ongoing debate has been occurring trying to decide if the legal drinking age should remain at 21 or be lowered. Teenagers seem to be consuming alcohol with no regard to the legal age. Drinking underage can lead to many problems but these problems can potentially be resolved by lowering the drinking age. Taking a look at some of the myths verse the realities will help grasp why the drinking age to consume alcohol is legally 21.
In today’s society many myths contribute to underage people consuming alcohol. Many of these people do not know the realities of these myths. One myth that has been proven wrong multiple times is that “I can sober up quickly by taking a cold shower or drinking coffee .” It is a proven fact that it takes two to three hours per every drink to fully leave the body and allow the body to sober up. Eating bread, taking a cold shower or drinking water and/or coffee does not speed up the sobering up process. Your body has to sober up on its own. This is a common misconception among many teenagers.
The most abused and consumed drug in the United States is alcohol . However, many underage drinkers consuming alcohol believe alcohol is less dangerous than other drugs . This is a myth that needs to be address to underage consumers. Alcohol is responsible for 4,300 deaths among underage youths every year2. From ages 12-20, which is considered underage for the consumption of alcohol, are responsible for drinking 11% of all alcohol consumed in the United States3. This does not just mean these underage people have one drink. 90% of these drinkers reported consuming these drinks in the form of binge drinking3. Binge drinking is consuming four or more drinks within a two-hour window. Binge drinking is predominately mor...

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...ions. If violations occurred all drinking privileges would be revoked until 219.
After researching the positive and negative aspects of maintaining the legal drinking age at 21 or lowering the drinking age to below 21 I have decided that I side with the current law. I believe the age to drink legally should be 21. I understand that drinking underage can lead to several problems but I also know that keeping the legal drinking age at 21 will help solve the problems and concerns with alcohol. I would vote this way because the negative aspects against changing the drinking age from 21 are not strong enough argument for me. Underage drinking is disrespecting the laws and I do think there should be stricter laws in regulating underage drinking. Binge drinking needs to be educated more. Both of these problems do not worry me enough to change the legal drinking age to 18.

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