Legal Dispute On Television Of A Fast Food Essay

Legal Dispute On Television Of A Fast Food Essay

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Have you ever see a legal dispute on TV of a teenager suing a major fast food company over the food that has made them obese? Many people have and began to think that it is the teenagers fault for eating the fast food in the first place. This could have all been avoided if the consumer had decided not to eat at that particular fast food restaurant at all. While this is true another question is asked. What other place is there to get a quick bite of food for an affordable price? That is the argument that is brought up in “Don’t Blame the Eater” by David Zinczenko. Zinczenko wrote an article stating that he takes sides with the consumer in saying that they should not be held accountable the way the fast food affects their bodies. Of course they eat the fast food on their own accord, but what other option do they have? Even though people can choose what they eat and aren 't forced to buy the fast food, fast food companies should make their foods healthier for consumers. The reasons that I believe that fast food companies should make their foods healthier include: healthy food being hard to find, its more affordable then healthy foods and “healthy” fast food such as salads aren’t really health. I agree with the writer on this argument because there are many reasons why a person has difficulties not eating fast food. In this essay there will be three reasons listed as to why fast food companies should make the foods they serve healthier.
Fast food companies should make their food healthier is because healthy food is hard to find. This is stated by David Zinczenko when he says in his article “Don’t Blame the Eater”, “Drive down any thoroughfare in America, and I guarantee you 'll see one of our country 's more than 13,000 McDonald 's ...

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.... To avoid many of these negative factors the fast food restaurants should just solve the problem as a whole by making their foods healthier and keeping them affordable. This will help them keep the business they already have and will also decrease the amounts of law suits that the company has to deal with and pay money for. Other solutions are that local grocery stores decrease the price on their healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables so that more people will be able to buy them. They could also increase the amount of franchises they have so that they will be matching with the fast food chains. The main idea of this paper that you as a writer should take away is that fast food is unhealthy and is causing serious health problems in people. The fast food companies should make their foods healthier or people should in general make an effort to eat less fast food.

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