The Legal Definition Of Crime Essay

The Legal Definition Of Crime Essay

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The definition of crime in the social context is "that behavior which violates (goes against) societal norms". This can be somewhat misleading as societal views change over time and therefore such a definition is always susceptible to interpretation. The legal definition of crime is an act or omission that violates the law and is punishable by a sentence of incarceration. Substantive law consists of written statutory rules passed by legislature that govern how people behave. These rules, or laws, define crimes and set forth punishment. They also define our rights and responsibilities as citizens. It is used to determine whether a crime or tort has been committed, define what charges may apply and decide whether the evidence supports the charges. Let 's say a person is caught drunk driving. Substantive law says that it is a crime punishable by a term in prison.

Procedural law governs the mechanics of how a legal case flows, including steps to process a case. Procedural law adheres to due process, which is a right granted to U.S. citizens by the 14th Amendment. Due process refers to the legal rights owed to a person in criminal and civil actions. It is one of our 14th Amendment rights and guarantees the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. In the case of an arrest, the 14th Amendment applies to the degree that one can be charged with a crime but still has rights to a speedy, fair and impartial trial. Charges must be filed with the court within a specific time frame. The exact amount of time varies by jurisdiction, but 72 hours is usually the maximum time a citizen can be held without being formally charged with a crime. In some places, though, the maximum is 48 hours.
The first modern police forces in America borr...

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...als, secures facilities and information systems from unauthorized access, makes borders more secure, and prevents identity theft. Language barriers make it difficult to enforce the law. Translation services are available through the telephone and from local translators often affiliated with local colleges and universities, but these services are not the same as translation between an officer and a citizen on the spot. Today, handheld devices have speech recognition abilities. Developed for the U.S. military, these systems assist in communications through hundreds of preset law enforcement phrases loaded onto a device about the size of a television remote control. When officers need to communicate with someone who does not speak English, they simply determine the language needed and begin touching the phrases on the touch pad. Two-way translation is not that far away.

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