The Legal Definition Of Animal Abuse Essay

The Legal Definition Of Animal Abuse Essay

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Whether animal abuse is a misdemeanor and/or felony, in most cases they do not receive the enough jail time. The legal definition of animal abuse is the crime of inflicting physical pain, suffering or death on an animal, usually a tamed one, beyond necessity for normal discipline. It can include neglect that is so monstrous like withholding food and water that the animal has suffered, died or been put in imminent danger of death. As these question is asked take some time to think about it. Is animal abuse the same as domestic violence? Should the ones that abuse the animals receive the same amount of jail time as the person being charged with another crime? Statistics show 1,920 cases of animal abuse is reported in the media each year. Animal abuse cases that involve dogs are at 60%, for cats it is 18%. Cases that involve pit bulls is 26% and 22% of other animals. The most common type of animal abuse is neglect/abandonment.
Janet McDonald, an assistant county attorney, explains that animal abuse charges, such as felonies and misdemeanors, vary from state to state as well as county to county, but a countless number of states treat animal cruelty as a misdemeanor. Most abusers receive little to no time in jail, complete community service and counseling, and/or giving up rights to have animals. Animal abuse is a misdemeanor and/or a felony. The crimes are being described as either general or specific-intent crime (McDonald 30). Felony animal abuse is a general intent crime. In a general intent crime, the prosecution has to prove that the defendant actually committed the crime. In specific intent crime, the prosecution has to prove that the defendant had a specific purpose which drove the defendant to commit the crime. “As an attor...

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..., 36 convicted murderers were questioned and 46% admitted to committing animal cruelty as an adolescent (Cohen 142). Another question asked, does animal abuse relate to domestic violence? One of the four predictors of domestic violence is pet abuse, according to a study that was done in 11 metropolitan cities (Walton-Moss 385). “Another study showed families under supervision for physical abuse of their children, pet abuse was concurrent in 88% of the families” (DeViney 3324). There was one last question that was asked. When addressing the connection of animal abuse and other violence, are there laws and policies? In animal abuse, social workers have to report any suspected cases to animal control officials (The Humane Society of the United States). According to Randour Ramsey at least 13 states have laws that allow courts to include pets in restraining orders (19).

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