Legal Custody Of New York Department Of Child Safety Essay

Legal Custody Of New York Department Of Child Safety Essay

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Based on what I saw in the movie I determined I would complete this assignment in the following scenario. Claireece Precious Jones was removed from the physical custody of her mother, Mary Johnston, because of the sexual, physical and emotional abuse occurring in the home. Mary Johnston failed to protect Precious from the sexual abuse by her father, Carl Jones. Ms. Johnston also physically and emotionally abused Precious. In my scenario, Precious was in the custody of New York Department of Child Safety and her teacher, Blu Rain, was fostering her. In this scenario I am a licensed clinical social worker who received Previous’ case. Precious was brought to me by her New York Department of Child Safety Specialist for counseling to address her past trauma and the anger that resulted from it. Since Precious was in the legal custody of the New York Department of Child Safety, I received signed consent for services from her assigned Specialist with the New York Department of Child Safety. Precious and her assigned Specialist completed the assessment with me at my office. I work for a contracted service provider for the New York Department of Child Safety. I informed Precious and her assigned Specialist that my notes from our counseling sessions would be confidential and shared with no one. I informed Precious that progress or lack of progress would be shared with her assigned Specialist.
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Claireece Precious Jones, referred to as Precious, has had to overcome many challenges in her life. Precious currently resides in Harlem, New York City, New York. Precious is now sixteen years old. Precious has been the victim of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse since the age of three years old. Precious’ father, Carl Jones,...

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...home and into a halfway home to start her own life. Precious describes the halfway house as halfway between her old life and new life. Precious does not want to do the job that her social worker was recommending in her case file. Precious wants to continue going to school to receive an education and be able to do something else. Precious commits herself to the lives of her two children and desire to set an example for them both. Precious wants to break barriers and achieve her goals in order to make her children proud of her. Precious has a fair understanding of her identity and role in society. Precious uses logic and reasoning to turn her life around and turn away from the negative aspects of her life. Precious is observed to be developmentally on track regarding this developmental stage established by Erik Erikson and Jean Piaget’s theory of developmental stages.

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