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The Legal Court Of Law Essay

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On October 6th, 2016 I attended Queens Small Claims Court. It was on a Thursday night where I was able to be act as an observer and listen to a small claims dispute. A small claims dispute is a legal court of law in order to solve cases with small amounts of money in a short amount of time. I attended this court proceeding with approximately 20 other classmates. This dispute lasted an hour and thirty minutes long.
The first thing that took place as I entered Queens Small Claims Court was there strict security. I had to walk though medal detectors and then place my bags to get searched. I believe that this is necessary in a courthouse in order to make individuals feel safer. As I was walking around, I noticed that this building was very well maintained inside as well as outside.
The second thing that took place was entering an assembly room that was filled with potential jurors. This is where I was able to identify my classmates. We all sat and listened as the judge gave a detailed on the procedure to follow as he called the jurors names. This is the part where I found was very crowded and chaotic due to everyone was shouting their answers, and standing up everywhere. My classmates and I all stood in the room until the very last juror was left. This is the point in which everyone was lost and then asked a security officer to help us find the room where the jurors have gone to dispute there civil lawsuit.
Civil lawsuits is when an individual known as a plaintiff initiates this lawsuit against the other individual known as the defendant. The setting of this civil lawsuit took place in a small room, which contained the judges bench, defendants table, plaintiff table, and there was the area in which my classmates and I sat. There w...

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...inches. Nigel’s lawyer provided an excellent point in where it was impossible for Nigel to put Erik in a headlock.
I noticed as the defendant attorney and lawyer were going back and forth with evidence towards each other there was a lot of tension and voice raising going on. At times the judge had to stop them. I noticed after an hour passed the judge didn’t seem to engage in the case. I think it was because of the defendant attorney and lawyer failure to comply when the judge said to stop. At the end of this trial, the judge has said that a settlement of this case would be sent in the mail to both plaintiff and defendant within two weeks. Overall, this was my first time going to any courthouse and had a great experience. I felt that this was a life changing experience due to when I start getting called for jury duty I am now experienced on what the procedures are.

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