The Legal Contract Of Marriage Essay

The Legal Contract Of Marriage Essay

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Generally, marriage is defined as the legal contract between spouses that establish rights and obligations between them, between them and their children in law ( As far as I am concerned, marriage is not only represents the relationship between two people or with their Children in law. Marriage is to use the power of the law to encourage people to take responsibility for setting up their family and raising their Children. Most people may have more pressure when they get married because they need to pay for their house and create a better environment for their children. The pressure of the marriage is helpful to their growth, because they require people to work hard to earn more money for their families and be patient to protect their love.
On average, married men earned 20 percent more in wages than unmarried(the benefits of marriage), because they need to prepare for delivering their children and create a better environment for them. When people get married, they may have their children. At that time, they have to cost some money on delivery, According to the International Federation of Health Plans, the normal delivery costs are $10000 in the US, and it is most expensive in the world (OI). $10000 may be a large cost for most families who get married for a few years. If couples want a better treatment, they need to pay more. In America, “Truven health Analytics shows that on average women with employer provided commercial health insurance found their insurance covered just over half of their total bills” (Oi). It shows that parents still need to pay for the rest of the delivery fee. The most important thing is that the women have to get a job so they can have the health insurance to pay for the half of the delive...

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...ouse and interests especially in Chinese families. The pressure from the living space can improve people’s knowledge and attitude toward on the jobs.
When people choose to get married, they may have pressure from child care, delivery fee and houses. It seems hard for people live under the pressure, but it can also push people to work hard to earn more money for their families. On the modern society, women and men are equity so they have the same rights to work hard for their family and they can learn more skills for do well in their jobs. More than that, marriage helps people to take the responsibility to take care of each other. They have the duty to share pressure of each other; also it can help people to solve some problems together. Finally, when couples have babies, they may pay attention on their behavior and manner, it can also help adult to do well in jobs.

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