The Legal Career Of Criminal Defense Lawyer Essay example

The Legal Career Of Criminal Defense Lawyer Essay example

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I have chosen to use a criminal defense lawyer as my primary legal career for this discussion board. A criminal defense lawyer, is a lawyer who specializes in defending an individual or a company that has been charged with a crime. Criminal defense lawyers have to deal with many different circumstances. For instance, arrests, criminal charges, investigations, sentencing, appeals, and even post-trial issues. However, a lot of criminal defense lawyers will choose to specialize in a certain type of criminal defense. For instance, drug defense, or even DUI defense. Criminal defense lawyers often have to work out substantive issues in connection with their clients supposed crime. Many times criminal defense lawyers will be helping a client even before charges have been filed against them by the prosecuting attorney. This tends to happen when an individual feels they are being watched, investigated, or sometimes they have already been arrested. There are many different reasons that an individual would hire a criminal defense lawyer. One of the many reasons is so that the criminal defense lawyer can help with counsel and represent the client when dealing with investigators, or the police. Another common reason for hiring a criminal defense lawyer is so that the lawyer can conduct an investigation of their own, and therefore have the ability to present substantial evidence that refutes the potential charges being pressed by the prosecutor. These are only some of the reasons a criminal defense lawyer is needed. There are many more reasons as well. I personally believe that some criminal defense lawyers have done an exceptional job at doing the very things their client hired them to do.
There happens to be many legal duties of a criminal j...

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...tion you would be able to network by using your clients, former clients, and even partners and ex partners at the law firm. So having a legal background can be very beneficial to being an investment banker.
I personally would not be interested in being an investment banker. The main reason being because I have no wish to spend the next 10 years of my life climbing the investment banking ladder. I would much rather spend the next ten years of my life climbing the criminal defense ladder. Not only that but money is not everything to me. I do not think I could handle sitting behind a desk only thinking about money all the time. I have no passion for banking. I would much rather spend an endless amount of hours investigating a client’s case and preparing a flawless and irrefutable case. So for theses exact reasons I have no interest in being an investment banker.

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