The Legal Aspects Of Human Resources Management And Supervision Essay

The Legal Aspects Of Human Resources Management And Supervision Essay

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During week seven students in SWRK 610 tasks include submitting a group discussion based on the Legal Aspects of Human Resources Management and Supervision. The group tasked compiled of the following questions: Which three laws (federal or state) or ethical standards are most important to you as a human resources manager at a nonprofit agency? Why are these laws or standards crucial to your success as a supervisor? Do you feel that these laws, regulations, and ethical codes have been followed in the workplaces you have experienced? Give specific examples of instances where you saw these in action?
As a result, the group consulted the National Association of Social Work (NASW) code of ethics and 201 KAR 23:080. The NASW Code of Ethics gives social work professionals a cornerstone for the ethical dilemmas that arise within the agency while helping the agency, the social worker, and the supervisor with the decision making process for the treatment and service to the clients. Consequently, social workers need a strong foundation in the core values of their profession in order to make decisions about supervision and ethical issues regarding the agency, the clients and colleagues. This assignment is critical to the practicum as it highlights resources for the practicum student while being supervised at their current field assignment. This assignment relates to the competency for this journal in that it there is a direct correlation between the two.
Understanding this competency as a master’s level practicum student includes; conducting an effective research that led to allocating new resources which provided guidelines for the “Legal Aspects of Human Resources Management and Supervision”, expanding my ability in resolving ethical dilemm...

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...improving the quality service that is provided to the client.
SSW Bohannon reviews my work and provides positive feedback, which is quite valuable to a professional master’s level student since it supports me as a practicum student to not only learn what works, but also what we could do better, getting feedback from other people involved in a situation or case can be very informative. During the practicum, positive feedbacks that were task specific was given by the task supervisor and SSW Bohannon in regards to the supervised visits I’ve conducted and the typing of contacts and summary report.
In conclusion, thoughts/feelings as it relates to progress made as a professional Masters level social worker in training includes: great field training, valued exposure to different client population, and the opportunity to use the educational knowledge in a practicum setting.

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